Crypto ABC

ATH, All in, Call, Crypto, Dip, DYOR, Fiat, FOMO, FUD, HODL, HOLD, Long Term Holding, Rekt, ROI


ATH “all time high”

All time high. Means the highest trading price an asset reached since it was first listed on an exchange. In the most trading plans this is not the best point to buy something.

All in

means moving all of your funds into one asset.
You should not do that as the risk is higher to lose in that trade.
If you want to play safe it is better to hedge your funds into different assets.



A call designates the idea of entering a good trading situation. Often with an indication of an entry point to a point of sale. In addition, a point can also be set on which one should sell in loss “stop loss”, in part, the indication of a time interval in which the trade is to take place so several hours or days to months


Crypto is the overarching term for all possible blockchain or decentralized applications secured by a cryptic key. It is broadly used as a synonym for all activities and applications associated with it.



In an uptrend a pullback is called a dip. Very often this is an excellent opportunity for a good entry point

DYOR “Do your own research!”

It’s means exactly this. Don’t follow blind. When you want to invest or buy a coin, you should do some research yourself. It might begin with the questions: „am i buying the top, because I have been shilled into buying?“ „is the price low, because it is at support or is it dead?“
Ask yourself why you want to buy and find the reasons to do so or reasons against buying.



Fiat “financial architecture”

Currency without intrinsic value. Used as synonym for money regulated by the government. Also known as „real money“, cash, paper money

Fomo – “fear of missing out”

It means that you have actually missed a trade but now you think that if you do not now enter u miss a winning opportunity. For the most part, though, it’s just that you’re feeding the people who have bought in front of you and you’re just going to lose.

FUD – “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt”

Is a communication strategy by spreading negative or false information. You often see FUD on twitter to influence possible buyers and the price of a coin. At this point it comes back to DOYR. Find out what is true and what isn’t.



“HODL” is an internet meme which originated in the famous bitcointalk internet forum.
A drunken person wanted to write “HOLD” and made a typo leading to “HODL”.


Holding means, that you hold your current investment in an asset. You don’t sell, even if the price is going down.


Long Term Holding

A long term holding is characterized by the fact that a trade is held over a longer period of time to provit. Such a trade can go on for several weeks to a few months.



Closing a trade with loss. In short: losing money. As long as you don‘t sell you are not rekt. You can hold until your asset is up again, but sometimes it makes sense to use stop loss and sell to avoid losing more money or enter again when price is lower.

ROI “Return on investment”

With the ROI you can relate your profits to your investment and measure the performance. If you have the ROI, you can also compare the performance with other investments. The formula to calculate it is:
(Investment gains – investment cost) / investment cost * 100

So, if your investment was 200$, you now have 250$ the formula would look like this:
(250-200)/200*100 = 25
Your ROI is 25%