Chart Patterns


⇓Bullish Patterns⇓

Ascending Triangles

Enter when the price breaks out from horizontal trend line

Double Bottom

   Indicates a trend reversal into uptrend. Enter when price breaks resistance line.


The price fluctuates between support and resistance line, which are forming a flag. When price breaks resistance it is likely to continue the former trend. Enter when it breaks out.

Inverse Head and Shoulders

Same as head and shoulders, but the other way round. Trend turning into uptrend, enter when price breaks resistance.

Triple Bottom

Indicates trend reversal, Like double bottom or inverse head and shoulders. Enter when price breaks resistance.

Wedge Reversal / Falling Wedge

Price swings in a falling wedge. Enter, when price breaks resistance.


Like a flag, but support and resistance line are not parallel. Enter when price breaks resistance.

⇓Bearish Patterns⇓

Descending Triangles

When price breaks lower support line, it is an indication for downward movement. Close position, when price breaks support line.

Double Top

Indicates trend reversal into downtrend. Close position when breaks support line.

Triple Top

Indicates trend reversal, like double top or head and shoulders. Close position, when price breaks support.

Head and Shoulders

Sign of trend reversal. Uptrend is turning into downtrend. Close position, when price breaks support line.

Wedge Continuation / Rising Wedge

Prices moves in the rising wedge. Close position, when it breaks support line.

⇓Mixed Patterns⇓


Price is testing support and resistance. Until it breaks out or down trend is not specified. Enter when it breaks resistance, close position, when it breaks support.