Zignaly Trading Terminal – Short Review

We have found a nice trading terminal, which we would like to introduce to you.

It’s called Zignaly.

What can you do with Zignaly?

Manually trade with additional settings like:

  1. Stop loss (you know what it is, if you manage your risk)
  2. Trailing stop (it raises the stop, if the price goes up, e.g. if price goes up by 10%, raise the stop to -5%, which means, if the price drops from 10% back to 5% from your entry, the position will be sold with 5% profit.)
  3. Take profit, also split them (e.g. sell 50% of holdings at 10% profit, sell 50% of holdings at 20% profit)
  4. Buy order expiration (if the buy order wasn’t filled within the given time, it well be cancelled)
  5. Time based autoclose (the position will be closed after the time has passed and stop loss or take profit haven’t been triggered)
  6. ReBuy Targets (if price drops, you can set a rebuy, which means at e.g. -2% you can load up more automatically)


You can connect it with Tradingview

Not only the Tradingview charts are integrated in Zignaly, but you can also use Tradingview to set alerts, send them to Zignaly and trigger Buy/Sell orders.

There are other signal providers as well, if you don’t want to use Tradingview for signals.

It’s possible to set stop loss, trailing stop etc. for those signals. (For the signal providers, they usually use their own settings)

With these signals (either Tradingview or signal providers) you can set up a fully automated trading bot.


In the dashboard you can see your positions managed by Zignaly:

With just one click you can close your positions. You can see the current profit, entry price, how much you have invested and so on.

In addition there are also statistics of your closed trades.

If you use several signal providers, you can see how they performed or how you performed yourself for manual trades.


There is a telegram bot as well, which sends you messages whenever a trade was opened or closed.


All in all it is a very easy to use trading terminal, which is currently in beta stage.

Zignaly offers a free trial of 30 days, which you definitely should check out.

After the trial, as long it is in beta, the monthly costs are 12$. When you registered during beta, the monthly price will be fixed to 12$. Users who register after the beta might pay more for it.

As per now, it is only working on Binance, but other exchanges will follow.


Try Zignaly