TorqueAI Trading Bot

We would like to introduce you TorqueAI (

It is a completely automated trading bot, which can be configured and monitored within the telegram app. It will be linked by API to your Binance or Bittrex account and automatically does trades for you.

Torque can collect the data while trading pairs in the market incorporating technical indicators to create smart algorithms that allows you to collect small profits consistently & with almost 100% probability.

You can track the trades at:

Also you can find a report of march/april here:

Binance Report

Bittrex Report

You don’t need a PC or Server to run it, you just need an account on Binance or Bittrex and the Telegram app.

There are three packages you can order.

Discount 10% on Ultimate Package:

If you want to purchase the Ultimate package you can use the following code to save 10% on the purchase price:


The ultimate package also includes a satisfaction guarantee.

If you don’t make enough profits to cover Ultimate license fees & 10% profits on top of that then Torque will extend your license validity at no cost until you do.

If you want to find out how Torque works, then you can start a free trial:

If you have any questions on Torque, feel free to drop us a message.

Telegram: @Stewie_1